About the Clerk of the Supreme Court



The Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court is an important statewide elected office that has existed since statehood in 1889, protecting public access to court records and ensuring the integrity of those records for both the court’s and the public’s use.  The Clerk is a public office where independence and experience matter in order to guarantee every Montana citizen has equal access to a fair and impartial judicial system that serves our entire state.

With that mission in mind, Rex had been serving Montana citizens for over 23 years in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, working to assist the public, attorneys, and the court, making sure everyone receives efficient service in a fair, timely, and friendly manner. As Clerk of the Supreme Court, Rex will use his experience to develop new ways for the court system to better serve the public, continuing to enhance the office’s digital filing capabilities, remote access, and new technology.  At the same time, Rex will not lose sight of what often matters most–person to person service, someone there to help answer questions and assist in court filing.  Rex believes government works best when it works to serve everyone and he hopes you will join him in his effort to ensure our state continues to have a responsive, independent judiciary that is dedicated to fairness, open access, and justice for all.